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Grant Making

We are in a moment of complex, intersecting realities: The COVID-19 pandemic.  Additional economic insecurity, particularly for communities of color and low income communities.  Amplified racism, state violence and anti-Blackness.  The erosion of democratic norms and a new administration.  Through it all, Jews have been responding through protest, organizing, resource mobilization, prophetic call and more.  In this light, Rise Up supports work that:

  • Sits clearly and explicitly in an anti-racist framework;

  • Increases spiritual and religious Jewish resources for movement-building and movement leaders; and

  • Strengthens the moral voice and prophetic consciousness Jewish leaders bring to movement work overall and this moment.


  • We are interested in innovation on a small(er) scale with capacity to catalyze and/or inspire domino-effect impact.  It should be work folks are already doing or have been passionately envisioning. 

  • Priority will be given to work that integrates three core values: spiritual and religious practice, centering the margins and progressive action for justice.

  • Initiatives led by Jews of Color are particularly important to Rise Up.

  • The form could be an independent project, collaboration and/or something that has been germinating on the edge of a larger institution.   

  • We have a preference to work with those who are interested in being part of a larger, growing ecosystem.  

  • Grants range from $15-25,000.   Smaller grants of $2,500-5,000 are available for rapid response, smaller projects or the incubation of new ideas.

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