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Grant Making

Since its inception almost four years ago, Rise Up has granted $1.7 million to over 50 initiatives. These numbers speak to the overwhelming need for funding across our field, a boom in the development of nascent Jewish organizations, and an increase in our name recognition and reputation as an accessible catalyst funder. See the complete list of grantees here.

What We Fund

Rise Up supports work that:

  • Sits clearly and explicitly in an anti-racist framework;

  • Increases spiritual and religious Jewish resources for movement-building and movement leaders; and

  • Strengthens the moral voice and prophetic consciousness Jewish leaders bring to movement work.


Our Primary Interests

  • Small(er)-scale innovation that has the potential to catalyze or inspire a chain reaction of impact. It should be work people are already doing or have been passionately envisioning;

  • Work that integrates our three core values: spiritual and religious practice, centering the margins, and progressive action for justice;

  • Initiatives led by Jews of Color; and

  • Those who are interested in being part of a larger, growing ecosystem.

  • ​The grant can be for an independent project, collaboration, or something that has been developing on the fringes of a larger institution. Grants range from $5,000 to $15,000.

Connecting with Us

Letters of Interest

We will be accepting Letters of Interest for our Spring 2024 grant-making cycle.  To receive more information, let us know you're interested by contacting us here

Grant Making: Programs
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