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About Us

Rise Up was launched in the Fall of 2019 with funding from the Nathan Cummings Foundation.  We are rooted in a transformational approach to Tikkun Olam, one that brings Abraham Joshua Heschel's notion of "prophetic consciousness" into being.  Rise Up is supporting and strengthening work that integrates deep Jewish practice, centering the margins and progressive action for social change.

About: Our Mission and Approach

Our Mission and Approach

Rise Up's mission is to nurture the soul of Jewish justice work. 

Rise Up envisions a world in which those who have been disconnected or marginalized from Judaism’s ancient and contemporary bounty find reconnection and well-being.  And, as a result, grow to be braver and bolder vessels for healing and justice in this world.  For a long time, most Jews took one pathway to express their commitments to community and a separate, divergent pathway to nourish their spiritual or religious life.  That is changing.  More Jews look for and lean into spaces that integrate their external and internal lives, Jewish portals where the sacred can be met as a whole human being and identity strengthened beyond persecution or privilege.  This desire to belong to a bigger “we” is giving rise to a new story, one that can hold the vast spectrum of Jewish diversity with clear values and commitments at the center.  Over 30% of Rise Up grantees are Jews of color and the white-led work we support is explicitly living into an ethos of racial justice.


Since its inception, Rise Up has:

  1. Granted over $1.5m to more than 50 organizations reaching thousands as they build the next chapter and communal structures of Jewish life;

  2. Offered leadership and organizational development to help leaders grow their capacity and strengthen impact;

  3. Convened practitioners in Communities of Practice; and

  4. Published research on its grantmaking.

Jewish Women of Color Marching - Women's March 2019

Photo courtesy of April Baskin


Linke Fligl 

2020 Year in Review Infographic

Illustrated by Sol Yael Weiss

EOY 2020 infographic with jewish years C
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